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FreshBooks is accounting software operated by 2ndSite Inc. primarily for small and medium-sized businesses. It is a web-based software as a service (SaaS) model, that can be accessed through a desktop or mobile device. The company was founded in 2003 and is based in Toronto, Canada.

Janet metnioned, "FreshBooks is a terrible program, absolutely overpriced for what you (don't) get. Customer service is great! Product is horrible, unless you like paying for frustration and annoyance. It may be barely suitable for a sole proprietor who does not need double entry, accrual accounting, or any sort of relevant reporting, but is absolutely the worst for recording income and expenses. The General Ledger does not match the Trial Balance, the Accounts Receivable report "as at" a certain date includes payments received after that date, and it is extremely difficult to get any sort of useful report out of the program. The year-end date other than Dec.31 cannot be set and reports cannot be memorized for quick recall."


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Copywriter (Former Employee) says

"The people at FreshBooks are second to none. It was an absolute pleasure working with such dedicated colleagues that also know how to create an enjoyable workplace."

Carl says

"I've been a loyal user of Freshbooks for many years and was really happy with their classic version. A few months ago I was notified I'd be switched to their new version. Well, that happened and it's totally disrupted my business.

#1. It changed the settings on all of my client payment reminders. Basically turning them off for all clients. I have hundreds of clients and I can't be changing this one at a time.

#2. Email notifications have all but stopped for very important transactional emails.

#3. Clients are having trouble paying me and now I have to try and provide support for paying their bill instead of running my business.

#4. The interface is utterly horrible and has less features and less usability. Whoever dreamt this up should be fired. Seriously!

If the classic version cannot be reinstated for my account this might be the end of me being a customer it's simply caused too much disruption to my daily business activities. I can no longer recommend this software."

David Vox says

"Hey it's 2021. Welcome to the future, - What about AUTOSAVE? Or at least SAVE?
Tried several times to SAVE A TEMPLATE, does not work. What a waste of time and energy."

Jenn says

"As the title states, I have been a customer of FreshBooks for almost seven years and this will likely be my last week with them. Things started out well, the software met my needs and the company provided unparalleled excellence in support during the few times I needed it. But something happened a few years in, things started to change, the software didn't work, the support didn't care, they started bait and switch changing pricing options, they said they wouldn't force folks to use the upgraded software and then they did, they claimed the upgraded software would solve recurring (unsolved) issues from the legacy version, it didn't, etc etc. In other words, I have witnessed in front of my eyes the utter decline of a really good company to one that is a total sham and complete waste of time and money. Unlike how they began, today this company is shady, they offer no support, their software doesn't work - and worst of all - I have extended nonhuman-like amounts of patience with their support folks, I have requested multiple times that my tickets (all about the exact same unsolved problem) get escalated, I have tried to plead with them to show some respect and commitment to their longtime customers who have stuck with them despite them never delivering on their promises AND charging outrageous prices (because NO, their software is NOT in any way shape or form worth what you pay, especially since it doesn't even work as advertised and there is no support, trust me there, no one will help you). Today I just wrote them one last time to inquire if they want to keep this customer. Real companies have retention programs so we'll see what this company has. Since I started with them seven years ago, lots of competitors have come on the market and I have been trying them for comparison. Clearly FreshBooks will not last in this industry as the other software trials I have been testing make FreshBooks look like a software package I might have put together for a college programming course. Also, the competitors (though it's hard to call them that since they are in another league) have better pricing and features. It's a royal pain to move all of my years and years of data over and to set up all my invoicing and such with a new provider, but I figure once that's done, I will save a windfall of time and money wasted on this horrendous and worthless software that doesn't even work. PLEASE heed my warning before you too get locked into this sham that takes a lot of effort to get out of, DO NOT under any circumstances choose FreshBooks. Smile at their flashy and cutesy marketing scams and walk away to a real software company. If not, you will regret every single second, just like me. What a sad, sad story of a once wonderful company this is. I am considering reporting them to consumer protection agencies so others do not continue to fall for their scams."

slkg says

"We have been with Freshbooks for 8 or 9 years, have had multiple accounts with them, and have spent THOUSANDS of dollars developing integration with their API. It's been great until we were forced to transition to the new version from Classic. Their application was very user friendly before, but now I get anxiety trying to use it.

Many of the features we depended on are gone! If I delete a paid invoice (for whatever reason), the payment disappears! I can't control or change the email address that invoices are sent from. I don't have the reports that I used to rely on. The general control over my account and staff has been taken away.

Not only that, but with the transition, we had to spend yet another big clump of money to update our API!

Their customer support is slow and not even available on weekends. Our account transferred to the new on a weekend and left us with no ability to get any support until Monday or Tuesday.

When you're managing thousands of customers and their billing, a change like this is detrimental to a company. It's been very disappointing and frustrating.

We are now working towards moving our entire 8 years of history to another platform away from Freshbooks."

Don Miller says

"1st, not an accountant & never will be. Enter Freshbooks. But simple stuff is either vague down a rabbit hole or simply not possible. For example; an invoice description - you might think you could edit that to reflect something other than a meaningless expense therein. Couple hours of searching gets me to importing Gorps data or some such. Yeah I suppose maybe if you create the invoice 1 way vs. another it might look different. Yea, just need to remember if & how & now I'm not sure but I have duplicates & I'm... disappointed. And unpaid.
There is some considerable defects in this & sorry invested. Not happy w/ limited support hours & ridiculous web critter help."

Alfredo De La Fe says

"About three years ago the pressure was increased to try to get us to sign up for their in house merchant services. We politely refused every time. Fast forward to mid 2020 and they decided to port over to a new site and no longer support the #1 processor- After investing thousands of dollars to have our programmers initially develop our site to use the Freshbooks API we were told we had to hire developers to redesign our site AND use their merchant service. Instead we hired a programmer to design our own shopping cart and system so that we can bypass Freshbooks altogether. I have never been so annoyed by a vendor in my life. I strongly recommend that anyone considering using Freshbooks give it a long, hard look. If you develop or design a process or system around them the possibility exists that one day you will have to scrap it and completely go back to the drawing board."

Jane Harris says

"I've given up on FreshBooks, after years of a simple usable interface, they've forced an upgrade that is unusable. We have two accounts with Freshbooks, and on one I can't add a fifth client (it prompts me to pay for the fifth client even though I've archived a client, leaving a slot available). The biggest issue is that I can no longer copy and paste tables straight into Excel (it pastes all data into a single cell with hyperlinked text). This is one of the most frequent actions I need to perform. The bill for 19-20 was $323.46 and the upcoming bill for 20-21will be $540.00. I don't understand the logic!!!!! Looking for alternatives..."

Joey says

"We were satisfied customers while using Freshbooks classic for years and would have continued for years to come. They have forced a migration to a new system that frankly is god awful. It is a dumbed down cartoon like interface with limited features. What is more unbelievable is that they actually removed as opposed to added features!?!? For example, you can no longer convert an estimate to a recurring invoice... What!?!?!"

Scott says

"been a user for over 6 years.
First they tell me they are forcing me of my classic version to the new one. The new freshbooks looks like a little kids APP. It's horrific and ridiculous to work with when you are dealing with NUMBERS and concrete things. You should have made an app, and left us alone. Ironically, I can still use my classic account even after they warned me and warned me. I switch all my payments and everything over to QBO, so they are losing that money from me. I have to keep paying them to keep records for my clients that I've had in there forever. I hate this company for selling me something and then changing it dramatically."

Martin James says

"What a totally stupid company to deal with. Been using Classic for a few years. Now this new version forced on us. Causing massive disruption to our business at a time when staff are working from home and not able to get issues resolved. ZERO SUPPORT. Will be canceling"

Nitesh says

"We have been using Freshbook (Classic) since 2005 and over the years we absolutely in love with it. Yes it was unable to match what MYOB can do but it was simple yet very functional. The new Freshbook is actually taken a step back on the functionality part. I do not who they took feedback from and who they designed it for but its not meaning much for us now. Infact we are now deciding to move to MYOB online after so many years with Freshbooks.
Basic things like if you want to see how much revenue you made this month...there is no way. It will show you how much revenue you made for the whole year but not this month. Freshbook classic enable me to let my staff only raise estimates (quotes), that control is gone and they can see invoices too...and I do not understand the thinking behind it.

Sadly I agree with other users view on Freshbook. Freshbook is not the app it began with...its actually a change backwards."

Stephen Shultz says

"I've been a Freshbook user for 9 years. They decided to change their application and swapped it with an very inferior product. It looks like it was designed by simpletons with bad vision. Everything is oversized and blown up bigger than it needs to be. You can no longer get the functionality that we've grown to depend on. Their attitude is basically, "you don't like it, find another company." But after 9 years of integration and total dependency, it would virtually cripple my company. Unless you are a mom and pop "flower shop" you had better find another application."

Aaron Hausken says

"at first i was told i would not have to transition from freshbooks classic at all. then last February(2020) i was told i would have to transition sometime in mid 2021. the last few months of dealing with freshbooks has been nothing but non stop lies.

at first they had a date they told me which was april 2021, i told them april was fine and i would likely do it during the months of jan or feb.

then i get a call this summer saying it has to be done in December.

on october 20 2020 i got notification that the transition has been bumped up to nov 17th 2020. i called freshbooks and they assured me that my transition would be put off till January at the latest. which i was completely fine with and thought this nightmare was over, well today is nov 17th 2020 and guess what happened?

do not trust this company with your income at all one bit at all."

Janie says

"I opted out from Freshbooks for months after register and never used it, but they still keep sending marketing emails and call me to sell their product every week.

It's really frustrating and I wanna sue them to contact me without my consent."

Sanjay Shankar says

"I pointed out the difficulties using their payment gateway and they are falsely accusing me of body shaming their colleagues. I am going to bring them to justice"

Simonxca says

"Freshbooks continually sends me emails invites to log in. I never signed up or interacted with them and don't know how they got my email. Also, these emails don't have an unsubscribe link."

Jason P says

"Another classic user unhappy with the new version.

I only use FB to write estimates and invoices, been doing it for years. I have multiple people for each of my clients that request estimates. It used to be a breeze to 1) select the company, and then 2) select my contact from checkboxes. Now that isn't even possible, they took that away. Now before each estimate I need to change the primary contact of that client to the person I am writing the estimate for, same with invoicing. I called them, and they said the only thing they can do is put in a feature request."

Blairine Kandolo says

"Tried this to do invoices. Terrible. Everytime l clicked add it said your invoice has been paid in full. I have not even finished inputting the information or sent the invoice to the customer."

Kendra says

"I'm very frustrated with Freshbooks. I'm a sole proprietor and have been using it for around 5 years. The value for the money is not great--they have cranked up the cost and limited the features. Invoicing clients should be easy, not a pain. The software is not as efficient as it should be. Several simple intuitive actions are not available, and should be at that price.

Furthermore, if you're CDN, they bill you in USD even though they're a CDN company! Basically taking advantage of the terrible exchange rate between CDN-USD. When I flagged this, the customer service rep noted that they're "proudly Cdn" and are working on this feature for sometime in the future. Sorry, I'm not waiting around."

Rashid Al-Naemi says

"I tried it but it overcomplicated for me."

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